Nur-Sultan, Kerey, Zhanibek Khandar str., house 3

In Nur-Sultan, a meeting was held between representatives of the WHO Country Office in Kazakhstan and the National Recearch Oncology Center (NROC).
The parties discussed possible areas of cooperation.

Representatives of the NROC shared their plans to create a National Recearch Oncology Center in the capital of Kazakhstan on the basis of the existing center of oncology and transplantology, and also presented a project of a new medical and diagnostic building of the NROC, designed for 200 beds.
“In Kazakhstan, more than 35 thousand new cases of oncological diseases are detected annually, some of which are diagnosed at a late stage. The construction of a new oncological center is a strategically important and socially significant project, the purpose of which is to ensure the availability of high-tech medical care to the population of Kazakhstan, ”said Gulnara Kulkaeva, Chairman of the Board of the NSCC during the meeting.
The Head of the WHO Country Office bkz, Dr Caroline Clarinval, thanked the representatives of the NROC for the opportunity to learn about the work and plans for the development of the center.
“We imagine what a huge amount of work you still have to do, and this is really important for Kazakhstan. 2020 was a difficult year for healthcare systems around the world, but today, when the situation is gradually improving, it is necessary to focus on other areas, including prevention and early detection of cancer, improving access to diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. In these areas, WHO stands ready to share knowledge and provide technical support. "

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