Nur-Sultan, Kerey, Zhanibek Khandar str., house 3

October 22-23, 2021 (for your convenience - and on Saturday) at the National Research Oncology Center will host an open day, timed to coincide with World Breast Cancer Awareness Day (BC).

The aim of the action is to raise awareness of our women about early signs and existing methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. During the event, everyone will be able to get free qualified advice from mammologists and ultrasound specialists (if necessary).

In the structure of oncopathology among the female population of our country, this type of cancer takes the first place. Prevention and early detection of precancerous and neoplastic diseases of the breast, when timely effective treatment is possible, gives women a real chance to preserve life, health and beauty, as well as return to a full life.

Promotion time: from 9:00 to 14:00

Venue: Clinical and Diagnostic Center of the National Scientific Research Center at the address: Nur-Sultan, st. Kerey, Zhanibek Handar, 3

Consultations are held by appointment only, in compliance with the enhanced sanitary and disinfection regime.

To receive quality and timely advice, please adhere to the following rules:
1) you must first make an appointment with a doctor by calling the Call Center: 8-7172-702-911 and arrive at the time of your appointment;
2) we ask you to minimize the number of accompanying persons, especially children;
3) if you have signs of acute respiratory viral infections, you feel unwell, you must refrain from visiting a doctor on the open day, since persons with a high temperature will not be allowed to the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of the National Scientific Oncological Center;
4) you must have an identity card with you and the results of previous examinations (if any).