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Today, on March 31, an online meeting with representatives of the Lapino Cancer Center on cooperation between the two clinics took place at the National Scientific Oncological Center.

The event was organized by the Department of Strategic Development and International Cooperation of the National Scientific and Research Center.

The Russian side was represented by: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Oncohematology P.A. Zeynalova, MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Anticancer Drug Therapy A.A. Fedenko, MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Bone, Skin and Soft Tissue Tumors E.R. Musaev, MD, DSc, Professor, Head of the Department of Head and Neck Tumors A.M. Mudunov, MD, DSc, Professor, Head of the Department of Oncocoloproctology A.O. Rasulov and other well-known experts of the center.

The agenda of the meeting: the signing of a memorandum of cooperation, the exchange of experience between the two clinics, as well as continuing professional education. During the meeting, the main areas of cooperation were identified, namely:

  • • training programs for doctors and nurses with the issuance of certificates;
  • • refresher courses for doctors (stay at the workplace for 14 days with rotation in the diagnostic, oncosurgical departments and the chemotherapy department with listening to a course of lectures in the area of ​​interest);
  • • organization of the School of Operating Nurses with the support of KARL STORZ;
  • • various master classes and medical consultations;
  • • telemedicine consultations;
  • • obtaining a "Second Opinion";
  • • referral of patients to high-tech operations that can be broadcast via telemedicine or recorded;
  • • development of medical tourism.

The experts of the NNOC presented to their Russian colleagues the project of a new cancer center under construction and announced the main directions of the NNOC's activities.

The result of the meeting was a statement of the parties on their readiness to build up joint efforts in terms of the development of the oncological service and the signing of a memorandum of cooperation in the near future.