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Версия для слабовидящих

Angels in white coats. There is probably no such person who at least once in his life would not meet with doctors. Feeling pain, we rush for help to them, people in white coats. We trust them with our most precious thing - life, look into the doctor's eyes with hope and believe firmly that he will definitely help.

On November 27, I was admitted to the Department of Vascular Surgery at the National Scientific Center of Oncology and Transplantology. She was operated on on November 28. During her stay in the hospital, she was surrounded by care, care and attention.

I would like to once again thank the staff of the National Scientific Oncological Center and express my sincere gratitude to the entire cardiology department and especially to the interventional X-ray surgery department of this center, represented by its head Viktor Viktorovich Zemlyansky. For the third time in a little over a year, I underwent treatment in this institution. From my own personal experience, I felt how important and far-sighted was the creation of this Center on the basis of the Ambulance Hospital of the capital. As an engineer, I watched with great interest from the hospital window the rapid, grandiose construction of the century - new ultra-modern buildings of the new cancer center, realizing how important and timely this construction is.