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Версия для слабовидящих

Patient identification rules:

  1. In the emergency department, the medical staff, when registering a hospital patient, fixes the patient's identification bracelet on the hand, which indicates:
    a) surname, name, patronymic (full);
    b) date, month and year of birth.
  2. Identification is mandatory before performing all medical and diagnostic procedures (appointment, taking material for examination, transfusion of blood and its components, injection, puncture, ligation, surgery).
  3. Make sure that the medical staff during the procedures carried out Identification by:
    a) oral questioning of the patient's full name and date of birth;
    b) verification with bracelet data;
    c) verification with data from medical records.
  4. When performing medical procedures, receiving intramuscular / intravenous injections, pay attention to the fact that on vials, syringes for infusion of medicines, a sticker should be pasted, where indicated:
    a) surname, name, patronymic (full);
    b) date, month and year of birth;
    с) date and time of preparation.
  5. If you are allergic to the bracelet, ask the medical staff to replace Your bracelet with a badge. Do not lose and always carry with you an identification bracelet (badge). Under any circumstances, the medical staff must require the presence of an identification bracelet.
  6. If the bracelet is lost or damaged, the nurse of the department orders a duplicate in the emergency department as soon as possible. During the absence of the bracelet the patient's full name And date of birth are interviewed orally and checked with medical documentation.
  7. When the patient is discharged, the nurse of the department removes the bracelet from the patient.