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Версия для слабовидящих

Conducting telemedicine consultations in our center has been practice since the introduction of this technology in the health care system of Kazakhstan. Obtaining high-quality qualified medical care using remote information technologies is especially relevant and indispensable for cancer patients from remote regions and those who have difficulties with movement. Reducing the distance and time allows you to quickly consider complex clinical cases, and in oncology, simple diagnoses, as a rule, do not exist.

At present, taking into account the imposed restrictive measures related to the epidemiological situation in the country and in the world, the demand for telemedicine has only increased.

In order to receive a consultation through telemedicine, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Contact your attending physician at the primary health care organization where the patient is assigned or at the territorial cancer center. The attending physician will prepare an extract, attach the results of clinical and instrumental examinations and send them to our Center, the telemedicine coordinator.
  2. The coordinator will study the submitted documents and send them to specialized specialists to resolve the issue of conducting a telemedicine consultation, after which he will contact the medical organization or directly with the attending physician who referred the patient and inform about the date and time of the remote consultation. If additional examinations are necessary, the patient will also be informed by the referring medical organization or the attending physician.
  3. On the appointed day and time, the patient must arrive at the medical organization that organizes this telemedicine session.

Telemedicine consultations are provided free of charge. It should be noted that the patient must necessarily be attached to the PMSM organization, since it is not possible to independently receive a remote consultation without the accompaniment of the attending physician.

During the consultation itself, specialized specialists or a multidisciplinary group (depending on the complexity of the diagnosis) will decide the question of further treatment tactics and, if necessary, hospitalization in the NNOC hospital.