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Версия для слабовидящих

As part of the construction of a new medical and diagnostic building, which will present the most advanced technologies for diagnostics and treatment of patients with oncological diseases:

a radiation therapy department equipped with modern linear accelerators;

department of laser therapy using lasers - krypton, argon, neodymium, ruby, carbon dioxide;

radiology department with robotic irradiation systems;

centers of proton and nuclear medicine, which will be presented in Kazakhstan for the first time.

NNOC is working on the formation of a base of highly qualified personnel trained in accordance with modern international standards. Trained workers with medical and technical education are needed to support the work of the proton and nuclear center.

Formation of the staff of the NNOC

(at the time of completion of the construction of new buildings, Q4 2021)

Specialists State for 2021, units State as of 2020, units


vacancies, units

Medical staff 445 175 270
Nursing staff 670 462 208
Specialists with technical education, as well as pharmacists to support the work of the proton and nuclear centers 62 7 55

For more information contact:

Department of Education, NNOC,

Tel. 8 (7172) 702959,

mob. +7 (701) -123-93-33, +7 (777) 935-69-92

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